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Can I use your printables for commercial use? 

Unfortunately, all printables falls under the Personal Use License. So you can only use them for personal use. Fortunately for you, I have turned several collections of my personal use planners into InDesign and Canva templates.

To browse them, go to Commercial Templates > All Collections. I also have these separated as individual template pages.

How much does your template usually cost?

They are selling for $5 per each individual page, but our template collections are usually of better value. I do recommend them if you want to have more templates for a better price.

Are your templates editable?

Yes, most definitely! You can choose to use the same fonts from the template if you want to (Google fonts). You can also change the fonts, colors, add cliparts or even change the layout of the design if you so wish to do so. However, in order to edit our templates, you need to purchase your templates according to the programs that you use.

What format does your templates come in?

At the moment, my templates come in InDesign and Canva formats. I have some templates in Illustrator format too. We currently sell our templates in separate formats (to make it easier to update them). Please make sure to pick your preferred format from the dropdown menu. However, if you have a preferred format that is not listed in my shop, please let me know.

How do I edit your templates?

After your purchase, you will be given a link to our templates support page. There we will show you how to edit your templates. Plus, we have included some bonus tutorials as well.

Can I use your templates for commercial use?

The templates itself are not meant to be sold or altered in anyway. However, the digital products (or end products) produced from my templates can be used to sell commercially (unlimited), as lead magnets, blog giveaways, collaborations and lots more. You have full rights to these for a fraction of what you are paying.

Why can't I open your template?

These template files are meant to be downloaded and opened from a desktop/laptop computer. Please do not download it on your iPad, tablet or any mobile phone as these files are not meant to be opened on these devices. We cannot provide any technical help at this time, so please read and follow these instructions below:You’re required to have Adobe InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop program to use these templates. If you can't open it, it's either because:

  • You have an older version of the program or
  • You didn't choose the right file format that suits the older version of your program or
  • You don't have any of the stated programs (above) installed in your computer

If you have the older version of the Adobe programs, go to the folder that states "Adobe CS4 or later" and choose your preferred size. Double-click on the template file and it should open into the respective Adobe program. If you do not have any of these programs installed on your computer, you can download a Free Trial or buy the Adobe Creative Suite here.

How can I unzip your template files?

PC: To extract a single file or folder, double-click the compressed folder to open it. Then, drag the file or folder from the compressed folder to a new location. To extract the entire contents of the compressed folder, right-click the folder, click Extract All, and your folder is extracted.

Mac: Double click the .zip file, then your folder is extracted. Search for the extracted folder.

Do you do refunds?

Due to the nature of this product, I am unable to do refunds. There is a lot of love and hard work put into these templates and printables. However I usually showcase what’s inside my templates and printables clearly. So please read and choose your items carefully before you purchase.


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